Remembrance Day Service and parade

Thank you to all from our Norland Horticultural Society who assisted in making this event a success. Everyone worked hard and the families and participants got a Service once again that was worthy of the sacrifice that our veterans and their families made for our freedom. 

Thank you particularly to the Committee members: Della, Paul Christie and Ross and later to include Paul Reed and Mike Paquette. 

Sorting and handing out of the wreaths were handled with precision by Cynthia, Isabel, Rita and Ann. 
Eleanor did a wonderful job on the keyboard. 

A shoutout to Mike MacDonald and Mark Chadwick for their contribution on the pipes and trumpet. 
And a special thanks to Anna Loveman for coming up and sharing her Canadian Heroes car with us. 

I understand that there was a current member of our Armed forces in the audience who came to support Anna as well. He wore his medals of Service proudly. Thanks to him for his continued service to our Country and honouring us with his presence today. 

There were some very useful comments on how to make our event even better next year. We, apparently, have several extra new wreaths that haven’t been used so maybe we can use them to spruce up and replace some of the existing wreaths. 
Another suggestion was to have banners on more wreaths, particularly on those wreaths placed in memory of our Norland veterans by their families. 

Also, next year, hopefully, things will have opened up more and we can have a larger parade. 
And of course, I can’t wait till we can feast on those little curly peanut butter and anchovy sandwiches and other types of triangle sandwiches that I drop every time I try to hold them in my hand. Oh and don’t forget the gherkins, every sandwich needs a gherkin accompanying it. So we can look forward to everyone going back to one of the churches to mingle and feast. 
Please remember that we are putting the wreaths away on Nov 12/21 at the school. 
Paul Reed used the phrase “Lest We Forget” several times during his address to us. I was very taken by those words because it is our legacy to remember the women and men who sacrificed their lives and those who came home, so that we can live our life the way that we want to live. It is, indeed, our duty to remember and today we did just that. And for that I say thank you for a job well done. 

Stew Griffith